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A Triple Analog XOR module
with an Analog and a Digital (Gate) Output

A very, VERY sexy module.
That's why we had to give it a XXX label.
Don't let your "girlfriend" (Hahaha we all know you live with your Mom) find this under your mattress.

You can use the Gate Output for your normal Boolean XOR functions (feel free to input Analog signals ;) )

But the real magic happens at the Analog Output

-Take 2 waveforms and feed 1 to A and 1 to B
-When 1 signal is low the other is normal
-When 1 signal is high the other is inverted

It's not just on and off like a digital XOR
You get all the varied nuances of a tri, sine or saw wave that you put in to it.

I find when I'm using XOR logic functions to fiddle with my sequenced rhythms and clocking I end up chaining a bunch of them together to get the most interesting results.
One of the hassles with that is if I want to break out a rhythm in the middle of the chain I have to mult it out and use up patch cords and a mult.

-The Analog Output of Channel 1 is normalled to Channel 2 A Input via the jack switch
-The Analog Output of Channel 1 is normalled to Channel 3 A Input

This way you can still use your Analog Out from each channel and not worry about patching the next XOR function in the chain together.

Use it for CV!
Use it for Clocking, Tempos and Rhythm manipulation!
Most of all Feed your Audio into it!
It's Fuckin' Awesome!

Width = 4HP Depth = 29mm

Current draw is:
+12V = +33 mA
-12V = -21 mA

"Great modules. Thanks guys. This XXX is a hidden gem..
Damn does it fatten the sound up like no other"