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Voltage Controlled Scanner/Switch 3U

$163.99 / Sold Out

8hp ~ 29mm deep This Module has 4 inputs and 1 output. The inputs accept Bipolar signals (audio) OR DC (CVs). The input channel routed to the output is selected by the voltage patched to either the DC or the AC jack. The Offset pot allows you to adjust the offset of the incoming CVs. The DC jack has an attenuator to allow you to scale the CVs. The AC jack is scaled for ~10Vp-p. This module will function properly all the way into super sonic frequencies.

I’ve had fun by patching the LP,BP,HP and Notch outs of my SOB (To be released in eurorack soon!!) into the four inputs and VC’ing the VCSS with a sine wave running at the same rate as the square wave I have patched in to the SOB Input. So for every ON/OFF of the Square Wave, the VCSS cycles through LP,BP,HP,Notch,HP,BP,LP

You might think about patching 4 sequencers in to it and VC’ing it with a Sample and Hold or Logic, for an ever-evolving melody…