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BUild Your Own ShNoiZe!

The Documentation is terrible and the support is nearly non-existant.
Be the first on your Block to build your own botched mess of a PCB complete with lifted pads and solder bridges!

Wife or girlfriend nag nag nagging all the time? Hole up in your cave for a week and emerge with this little fire hazard! Slap that smug smirk clean off her ugly little face when you present her with your newly bungered electrical abomination.

Remember when you thought she was beautiful? Those days are long gone. Now you can rekindle the fire, with real sparks! Plug that baby in to your homemade power supply (*not included) and set ablaze your dining room curtains with that warm feeling of the satisfaction you can only get when you build something with your own two incompetent hands.

Fun for the whole family!

Infos here:
ShNoiZe Docs

(Psycho-labs not liable or responsible for anything, including but not limited to our own actions)

*ShNoiZe PCB + FrontPanel :)
All the stuff I wrote on the ShNoiZe PCB blurb plus some more about a handscreened FrontPanel made from "recycled" and "Found" roadside aluminum.

Admire the reflective beauty first hand as you melt plastic on to your soldering iron tip wiring up this catastrophe.