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DIY: TrAniModule

Here’s an Awesome little 1 Watt, Class A, Transistor Amplifier.

It’s not gonna soothe your inner audiophile, but it’ll get you some great sounds coming right out of your little synth rig.

You can fit this PCB inside your pack of smokes.

Here’s the schematic for the amp circuit, as well as some supporting peripheral circuitry to boost your line level to synth level and give you a 2 x input mixer.

Make sure to use a 50Ω 5W resistor for R16!

A standard 1/4W resistor will burn up.

I like to leave a little space between R16 and the PCB.

It gives it a little more airflow and makes it easier to solder the speaker connection and the Speaker Out Jack.




C1, C5 and C6 are 1206 SMD and will come pre-soldered to the PCB.

C5 and C6 are just bypass decoupling caps for the OpAmp IC.

C1 is an AC coupling cap for the Speaker Amplifier.

The Mix Out and the Line Out will still pass DC.

The Output Transistor is an IRF510 MOSFET.

The Amp is designed for a 1W 8Ω Speaker.

The jacks on the PCB are fitted for Kobiconn 16PJ138.

The reverse-protection diodes should be 1N4004.

I’d recommend Soldering the Transistor to the PCB…

Hold your iron on the tab til the solder starts to melt on the bottom edges of it.

The pad and the tab will pull the molten solder underneath.

Don’t get out your flame thrower or anything because you can lift the pad, burn the solder mask or destroy the transistor with too much heat.

That being said don’t be a scared little sally about it either because it’s all fairly robust.

You’d probably be fine just tacking the corners down if it worries you.

Would you like to buy a PCB?

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*I do not guarantee any functionality, safety or support.

Look at the docs and make sure you understand them.

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*I DO guarantee functionality, safety and support